Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Starting Already...

Holy crow, I cannot tell you how much I want a burrito from La Sirenita on Alberta at... 28th? And that is not because I'm not a very good writer, it's because I want it so badly, which is to say I want it in the worst way. Oy.

I just want the chicken burrito, with the black beans. I'll add the green salsa bite by bite. I know they use lard. I know my stomach hurts if I eat two of them in the same week.

How much are they now? $3.25? I know I remember when they were $2.25 and I could eat 5 in a week. Remember sanding the floors at DZ's house that summer? We slept in beds 10 feet from each other in the basement, ate burritos for lunch, and refinished those floors for weeks. I hallucinated. But those burritos.


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here with Pop--is there a way to airlift burritos in? Or open a mexican jointjohn there? A friend of mine worked in the first mex joint in Prague once . . .


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Crawdad said...

The person who opens up a good, inexpensive (by American standards anyway) burrito joint here will make a million dollars and spawn a new industry, I have to think.

Still no Starbucks in india, though, I think. Maybe in Bangalore?? Here it's all about those twin towers of Cafe Coffee Day and Barista. They're ok. Apparently CCD just got Illy coffee tho, so that's something.

Say hey to Pop! Oh, and great blog! Keep it up!

At 9:17 AM, Blogger araucana said...

I'm embarassed to say I've been following Starbucks (extremely) slow road to India way too closely. I once had the opportunity to speak to the woman who is doing their market research for them here. They haven't come yet, but were originally scheduled for fall of 2006. Then they pushed it back to about 2008. They've totally lost market share and valuable real estate to Barista and Coffee Day Cafe, we'll see what happens when they finally come, they'll probably do fine but I have no idea why they waited to lose so much business to the two local copy cats. Btw it's Barista that has Illy now, and although it's better than their usual brew, I think it sits too long and isn't that fresh. Ok enough on the espresso obsession.

At 3:20 AM, Blogger Alizarin said...

Burrrriiiiitooooos ... La Sirenita ... Whenever I eat a big burrito I feel like he's still in my belly, gently hee-hawing. (You have to imagine the sarape.)

OK, too much information!

At 4:11 AM, Blogger Editfish said...

It's a wierd obsession. After finishing two or three years there you'll come home and long for the good 'ol food of India. Sad, but true. You're destined to a long life of always pining for an ever-lengthening list of food forever half a world away... ;)

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous dz said...

If I told you i was there recently and they weren't so good would it make you feel better? No? It was all a lie anyway.

Maybe it wasn't the floor sanding, but the high volume burrito consumption that caused the halucinations?

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous shrinkwrap said...

let's hear it for altered states of awareness! Hallucinations has way too many negative connotations! BBs (big burritos) are known to cause asa, of course. hee haw indeed.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I hear you about the Sirenita, though I always ate at Bonita 'cause of the lard thing. Plus their place was cleaner, but what're ya gonna do for a good burrito, eh?

I also miss me some spinach pies a la Nicholas Restaurant. I'd airlift some of that down to Cali in a second.


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